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Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA)

CCPA has been the leading provider of liability protection for Canadian chiropractors for over 30 years. They act on your behalf and help you weather the storm in the event of a professional negligence claim. Any chiropractor who has been through this will tell you that they don’t wish a claim on anyone. They will also tell you that they can’t imagine going through the experience without the support and protection of CCPA’s team of chiropractors and lawyers. CCPA also protects you before a claim is filed and provides support when you are facing a regulatory board complaint or investigation. CCPA can do all these things because they understand you and your practice like no one else can.

They are chiropractors protecting chiropractors.

Benefits Of Membership

  • CCPA protects you with a $5 million per claim limit and an aggregate limit of $5 million per year. They’re also there for you during a regulatory board complaint.
  • Annual Risk Management Projects provide you free continuing education that empowers you to protect your practice proactively.
  • Call CCPA any time - even before a claim is filed - for advice and support to help you manage risk in your practice.
  • CCPA strives to keep membership fees as low as possible. They also offer affordable rates for members who are just starting out.

CCPA Roadmap to Care

In this short video, you’ll learn more about the Road Map to Care. It’s the path you take to provide excellent care for your patients and manage your risk in practice.