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Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA)

In the early part of 1986 The Canadian Chiropractic Association created a professional “protective fund” in response to the insurance industry withdrawing professional liability insurance for chiropractors. Within 6 months this Canadian Chiropractic Protective Fund became its own standalone entity known as the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association (CCPA). CCPA membership is available to chiropractors, licensed in a Canadian jurisdiction who are also members of the CCA. CCPA’s primary objective is to provide professional liability protection to our members.

Some of the other unique member benefits offered include:

  • Assistance and financial aid for members facing a regulatory complaint and other quasi- judicial processes
  • Rapid incident management for issues of all magnitudes
  • Risk Management Projects, offering clinical information and risk reduction strategies
  • Communiqué and Outreach files, to keep practitioners up-to-date on matters of importance
  • Optional coverage for acupuncture
  • Optional coverage for animal chiropractic