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Practicing During COVID-19

Practicing During COVID-19 Resources

As we settle into post-pandemic chiropractic practices, ensuring the safety of patients, staff and yourself in this shifting environment remains a top priority. Please continue to inform yourself and follow the indications of your regulatory college and public health authorities. This resource page supplements that information with high-level considerations of the areas you need to cover in the planning and implementation of your practice.

Key areas to consider

The following re-opening planning and implementation issues are essential to practice safely in the evolving COVID-19 environment. Always begin by informing yourself and following the indications of your regulatory college and public health authorities.

As the work environment has changed for you and your staff – you have new considerations about how to operate your clinic.

HR and Business Video Resources

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HR and Business Video Resources

Disclaimer: Canadian Chiropractic Association assumes no responsibility for the enforcement or effectiveness of its templates and policies. Always consult legal counsel and applicable Regulatory and/or Provincial requirements before implementing any new policies or procedures at your organization.

You need to adjust the patient experience from request to book an appointment, communications prior to arrival, coming to the clinic, treatment, payment and departure. While the following are the high-level areas to take into consideration, check with your regulator for specific indications to follow.

Download the PDF tip sheet of the content that follows.

Office layout

  • Protective barrier at reception desk
  • Location of signage and information materials
  • Adjusting layout to be more conducive to physical distancing
  • Removing magazines and toys

Potential office signage/documents

Booking and pre-appointment communications

  • Triage for those with greatest needs
  • Screening questions
  • Documents to share in advance
  • Email/phone communications
  • Scheduling to limit number of patients at any time to ensure physical distancing


  • Training for new protocols
  • Training for patient screening and PPE requirements

Patient arrival

  • Staggering arrival times
  • Procedures to limit on-site waiting
  • Logistics of physical distancing
  • Patient use of masks and gloves
  • Screening procedures including questionnaire and handling potential positive COVID-19 case


  • PPE requirements
  • Changing techniques to minimize close contact
  • Disinfection of adjunct equipment and tools


  • Procedures to decrease contact with surfaces and objects
  • Direct billing procedures and touchless payment options

Cleaning and disinfection

  • Cleaning surfaces and equipment after a patient visit
  • Overall office cleaning including type of disinfectant used

How should I wear PPE?

It is highly recommended that you wear PPE since you come into close contact with patients, especially during manual procedures. Always begin by informing yourself and following the indications of your regulatory college and public health authorities on this matter.

Proper PPE use resources

The CCA PPE supply initiative

The CCA has partnered with The Raw Office Inc. to help chiropractors offer a safe working environment for their staff and patients. This partnership allows members to purchase quality PPE supplies to be able to follow new safety protocols.

Why did CCA put together a PPE Supply Program for members?

The CCA heard from members about the lack of PPE and the concern that they would be required to have these supplies to meet back-to-work directives. We interviewed potential suppliers that could ensure a sufficient supply, that their products met Health Canada specifications, were licensed, and had reasonable pricing.

How long will it take to get my products?

It is difficult to provide exact shipping and delivery dates due to the delay in getting supplies into the country. As mentioned above, there are shortages for products – adding to the delay in processing orders. Currently, we estimate that orders will take approximately two business days to fill and four to seven business days to reach you. This approximate timing may fluctuate due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Check your tracking number from your shipping company to help determine the arrival for your order. As well, check your junk folder for updates as they may be wrongly sent there.

What is the cost of shipping in the CCA PPE program?

Shipping is free in Canada for orders of more than $200. The flat rate is $20 for orders under $200. There is no shipping outside of Canada.

How do I use my discount code?

You received a discount code from the CCA by email. Use it in the promo box on the checkout page BEFORE you pay for your order. You need to do this prior to finalizing your order – the CCA cannot guarantee that the discount code can be applied after your order is confirmed.

How do I place an order?

The CCA site for PPE is officedeals.co. If you have any further questions on how to place an order, please contact us at info@chiropractic.ca.